Tuesday, December 9, 2008

See you soon

Well, we are wrapping up our trip. This is our last day on the island and tomorrow we'll be traveling and trying to prepare for cold. Since I've lived in a swim suit, and no shoes for the past week this could be quite the shock. Eric and I found a deserted beach yesterday which was gorgeous. It was great. I'll put a couple pictures of that on here. The middle picture is us at a beach on the North shore where the waves were really fierce. It was a really fun time as we were knocked around by them. We were laughing so hard we had a hard time standing up before the next wave came. We did have a little bit of a snafu last night. We had gone to a beach to snorkel over to an island called Chinamens hat. When we got back two hours later we found our vehicle broken into and several bags missing. We are trying to just take care of what we need and enjoy today. They basicly only got my beach bag with towels and my glassess. So I'm wearing sunglasses which is kind of interesting at night!! I'm going to see if I can get a pair at near by Lens crafters so that I don't have to wear sunglasses to work. :) We are going to find a beautiful beach to sit on. Here are some pics from the last couple of days. ALOHA from Team Aloha.
P.S. Madeline and Lillian, Daddy is going to bring you a cocunut that he got fromt the front yard!!


  1. Sorry to hear your vehicle got broken into. That's terrible! At least whoever did it didn't get away with much. The pictures are beautiful! You definately will not need your swimsuit around here! It snowed 3 or 4 inches last night and it is freezing cold and windy outside. Hope you have a safe trip back!

  2. Oh my gosh!! That just stinks! I can't believe it! I hope you were able to get some new glasses there...but it would be fun to see you walk around in sunglasses all day...although, you'd be better at Secret Santa with them on! :) Ha...I got you figured out anyway! :)