Wednesday, December 31, 2008


OKay, I've been waiting for awhile to wish 2008 good bye for good. We hope to God that 2009 is a calmer more enjoyable year. While we enjoyed finding our love our daughters and each other growing we could have done without alot of the crap that happened. It taught us never to take friendships, and family for granted. It taught us a bigger meaning of family. So... Here's my toast with more meaning than ever before. TO FAMILY!! Let's all take care of each other and remember the love we feel for one another forever!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Memories

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and were able to enjoy the company of loved ones. We had a wonderful week of Christmas. The girls had a great time waiting for Santa, finding the presents, and playing with all their new treasures. Here are pictures to outline our week. We spent Christmas Eve at Great Grandma and Grandpas and then headed to Grandpa and Grandma Hudnalls for Christmas Day.
1. The first is a picture of Christmas morning after lots of presents had been torn into to. Lilly just received her gift from Madeline. 2. That smile says it all doesn't it? This was Madeline's joy at finding Felicity in the box. Felicity is Madeline's 2nd American doll and ther first dolls friend. 3. Christmas Stockings. Santa was very generous! 4. Gifts under the tree. Note: Felicity and Elizabeth's beds and Lillian's mouse house. 5. Another great smile Christmas Eve morning while we were waiting for Santa to come. 20 hours and counting. 6. Daddy needed a picture of his girls in front of the tree at our house the evening of Madeline's Christmas program. 7. The only picture of the girls with Santa. Ahh the joys of living in Nebraska. We sent Daddy out in the 20 below winds to save a place in line. Then when we got inside to see him this was only picture that we got to snap before the camera died because of the cold.
That was it in a nutshell. HO! HO! HO!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mele Kalilimaka!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Well.... I gave up trying to get a Christmas Card sent out. I was going to try but the girls weren't cooperating for pictures so I scrapped that idea. I was going to try to make a slideshow but I worked on it for 2 hours with no results and alot of frustration so that was no good either. Soo here it is....just plain pictures.

This year has been busy. The girls are growing and the blog is a great way to try to keep up with them. We love them and cherish them will all our hearts. Madeline is enjoying 1st grade and Lillian is enjoying her play group.

Eric and I were lucky enough to be invited to go to Hawaii with some friends earlier this year. That was the best highlight from this year.

Take care. We love all of you.
Delanie, Eric, Madeline and Lillian.

Favorite Quoates of the weekend!

This was in the context that we had told her we were going to Grandma's house yesterday to drop off some packages. She was having a hard time realizing that G & G weren't home and that we wouldn't actually see them. After we said this we changed our minds and decided that the girls and I would shop while Eric went to their house. When we got back in the car and we headed home we called Grandma. She told us that they were having Christmas in California that day. When I got off the phone I told the girls G&G were having Christmas. Lilly gets a frown on her face and says, "Awww, we were almost there! I want Christmas.". She continued to frown while I tried to explain that they were going to come home to have Christmas with her in a couple of days. She was not so sure.

Madeline has gotten to know a family down the street whose daughter is in college. Sarah was home this weekend and Madeline saw her scooping snow and decided to go help. She told Sarah, "You go first and I'll follow....I'll get what you missed.". Then she wanted to know when Sarah would be going back to school. Sara told her that she was going to be here for 3 weeks. Madeline said "Do you wanna hang out?" Sarah said they could have a girls lunch and movie. Madeline said "and make a snow man". We are in so much trouble!!

Last night when we got home from shopping Gaylene was going to stop by just to visit and see the girls. Lillian was waiting for and her and asked "Where is Gaylene? She has to help me pick up my mess!". Yikes. Can we just say wrapped around her finger? Trouble x2.


This is a video of Madeline doing some one of the exercises at gymnastics.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BLog Award and the Importance of socks!


As I was reading the blogs I follow I found out that once again my friend Rachelle has bestowed the honor of an award for me. The only problem is that you are suppose to pass on to 10 other people. Here's the deal. I don't have 10 other blogs to give the sward too!! So I'm going to give it Amy and again encourage the non-bloggers, specifically but not limited to Shelly, Melissa G., Melissa C., Trina, and Mandy to get busy and create one of their own!! Please!!! I implore you. You'll love it I promise. Bloggers everywhere please tell them this is so. Thank you, thank you Rachelle for the award.

Okay, this is for the other topic in the title. I don't know how many of you know this about me but my feet are officially known as Popsicle sticks from this month till at least the middle of April. Some of you have heard me speak about how important socks are to me when I go camping. They are just as important to me now as they are when I'm camping. They are probably more important to Eric:). So this is a shout out to my socks!! Hip Hip Hurray!! Who knew socks could be used as mittens, ear muffs, insulation, head bands, and tied together they make lovely scarves!! At this very moment there are three pair trying to keep the Popsicles to a soft freeze and Lillian is finding them helpful at night to help with breaking her thumb sucking habit. Every new person that comes the lake for the first time in the spring months is given the sage advice to pack lots of socks. Those that have taken the advice give me kuddos by the middle of the weekend. Anyways, just thought I'd give you all some food for thought.

TTFN!! ALOHA (couldn't resist)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did this happen?/Random thoughts.

It seems not long ago I was bragging that I had all my Christmas shopping nearly completed. All of a sudden I realize I've got about 6 presents to find!!! Yikes. We are also nervous that the oldest daughter is not going to be excited by one of the presents as she has recently informed us that it is not her top pick. Her top pick was not on the radar until three weeks ago. At the time we tried to down play her desire but it is now at a fevered pitch. She usually tells me some of it's selling points at breakfast and then reiterates them for Eric at supper. Oh well. After much lamenting by Eric and myself we have decided it's healthy to experience disappointment on Christmas!!! Just kidding. It will be ok though right?? I'm going to keep you in suspense and you'll have to tune back in after Christmas to see how it goes.
We wrapped up quite a few of the presents tonight. I still can't believe I'm in this shopping crunch. I also can't believe we haven't seen Santa and we haven't got pictures taken for a Christmas card, or any baking to speak of done. It looks like this weekend is a bit more hectic than I wanted. Tis the season!!
Anyways, we had an ok weekend last week. We got to spend lots of time with Roger, Mandy and Reese, took in some Christmas lights, attended church, and completed alot of laundry. I'd still rather be on vacation. It seemed weird at the time but I think I could get use to celebrating Christmas at a church in warm weather!! I think this cold weather is pay back. Oh well, I guess we'll have a white Christmas.
This is a picture from 2005. Madeline 3.5 and Lillian 3 months. Just a favorite.

One more thought. Just thought I'd let you know Lillian's favorite carol is "Rum pum pum" other wise known as "Little Drummer Boy". And Madeline has a whole host of favoriteS too numerous to list. Imagine that!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

See you soon

Well, we are wrapping up our trip. This is our last day on the island and tomorrow we'll be traveling and trying to prepare for cold. Since I've lived in a swim suit, and no shoes for the past week this could be quite the shock. Eric and I found a deserted beach yesterday which was gorgeous. It was great. I'll put a couple pictures of that on here. The middle picture is us at a beach on the North shore where the waves were really fierce. It was a really fun time as we were knocked around by them. We were laughing so hard we had a hard time standing up before the next wave came. We did have a little bit of a snafu last night. We had gone to a beach to snorkel over to an island called Chinamens hat. When we got back two hours later we found our vehicle broken into and several bags missing. We are trying to just take care of what we need and enjoy today. They basicly only got my beach bag with towels and my glassess. So I'm wearing sunglasses which is kind of interesting at night!! I'm going to see if I can get a pair at near by Lens crafters so that I don't have to wear sunglasses to work. :) We are going to find a beautiful beach to sit on. Here are some pics from the last couple of days. ALOHA from Team Aloha.
P.S. Madeline and Lillian, Daddy is going to bring you a cocunut that he got fromt the front yard!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

More Aloha!!!


Living in Paradice

What can I say..... This is the coolest experience besides having kids in my life!!!! Ihave become an impassioned snorkler and have decided that any vacation from here on out must include the ocean. Loving every minute. Madeline, we found you some rocks, volcanic, coral, and some shells. We saw all kinds of cool creatures today. My favorite include the "Christmas fish" which is neon in color and a black with white spots all over. I am salivating at getting to go shopping but we have a lot of beach to cover yet!! These are all pictures from Thursday when we ate at a famous doughnut maker and hiked Diamond Head. I'm going to make some more entries so I can send more pics. Love you all!! ALOHA!!