Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is the first time I've tried this. I wanted to show the Valentines the girls sent to some friends. They were made by a friend/co-worker who loves to scrap. The
y turned out so cute. I wish we could have sent more!! I think Natalie might have choked me if she had to make any more!!

Lillian's moves

Eric cuaght this video of Lilly last night during our first supper of the evening. He posted it on his facebook page but I thought I'd post it here too. I say first supper because just as we were finishing Mike called and told us he had seafood for us. He insisted Eric come by and pick it up. So Eric drove over there walked up to the door got handed a plate of food and came home. The result; two lobsters and a bunchof mussles. Thanks Mike!! It was yummy and a great Valentine's Day sup.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

One more thing!

Last weekend Grandpa made part of Madeline's closet into a section for all of her American Girl Doll Clothes for Felicity and Elizabeth. The hangers just arrived so I thought I'd share the end result. Madeline loves it. The red and green dresses in the middle along with the pajamas at the right end were created by Grandma Pat.

Pics, goings ons and what-nots!

Sorry about that title. Just felt like being silly. In true Nebraska fashion we've had spring like weather one weekend and winter wonderland the next. So the pics I'm sharing today are pics of the skirts that Grandma Pat made for the girls that they received last weekend, Madeline during a piano lesson, and Lillian playing out side with Daddy today.

Lillian wore her skirt to her Valentine's Day party at preschool and Madeline prefers to make hers into a go go dress complete with sparkly red shoes. Madeline and Lillian also received valentine belts from Aunt Melissa that have been put to use. Grandma Trudy also got into the action with sending a Littlest Pet Shop toy for Lillian that she has hardly put down and a Loop Craft set for Madeline to make potholders with. She at this very moment is diligently at work creating one with Gaylene. All in all a good couple of weekends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Madeline had Parent Day at Dance. They are getting ready for their recital in May and working very hard. Sorry this is side ways. I love the wiggle!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Fun

This weekend we were able to join our friends for their annual Super Bowl Party. This is the 19th year they have hosted this event. It gets bigger every year and we are so fortunate to be part of it. The girls love playing with all their friends and seeing what kind of havoic they can raise but they are up against some stiff competition with the adults. By the time Sunday morning rolls around the house is more of a mess from the adults than the kids!! The adults are also in rough shape while the kids are feeling perky, jumping on the adults and making everyone remember how old we are!! The festivities usually get under way Friday but we join the fun Saturday afternoon and stay till Sunday evening. For us, we leave early before the game starts as we usually have two very tired girls and one who has to go to school the next morning!! Lilly fell asleep at 5:30 in the car and never woke till 7:00 a.m. and Madeline fell asleep at 6:00, woke briefly to change and brush teeth and then didnt' wake till 7:00. They both did fine today.

The first three pics are Sunday set up at the showroom. Followed by pics of Madeline, Lillian, and Reese in the p.j.'s Pat made for them. Followed by one that Pat will be especially proud of.... me and John trying to highjack the beer. The final two are shots of Madeline and Reagan (we are all in trouble...look at those poses!), and Lillian holding Tatum.