Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pics, goings ons and what-nots!

Sorry about that title. Just felt like being silly. In true Nebraska fashion we've had spring like weather one weekend and winter wonderland the next. So the pics I'm sharing today are pics of the skirts that Grandma Pat made for the girls that they received last weekend, Madeline during a piano lesson, and Lillian playing out side with Daddy today.

Lillian wore her skirt to her Valentine's Day party at preschool and Madeline prefers to make hers into a go go dress complete with sparkly red shoes. Madeline and Lillian also received valentine belts from Aunt Melissa that have been put to use. Grandma Trudy also got into the action with sending a Littlest Pet Shop toy for Lillian that she has hardly put down and a Loop Craft set for Madeline to make potholders with. She at this very moment is diligently at work creating one with Gaylene. All in all a good couple of weekends.

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  1. Beautiful skirts! Glad to hear you and your family had a couple good weekends! The weather changes around here always amaze me too!