Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lillian's Entry

I had uploaded pics onto the computer and laughed at these. I'm not sure if Lillian took of her self or if she had help. But I thought it was cute to see the puzzle pieces and thought I'd share. You never know what might pop up on our camera with them around!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Missoula Children's Theater

Madeline tried out for the Missoula Children's Theater this summer as it traveled through Columbus. She was cast as a pelican in "Treasure Island". She had a blast and knew several kids that were in the play with her. They did casting call on Monday and practiced all week with two performances on Saturday. She enjoyed the experience and is ready to try again next year. Grandpa and Grandma Hudnall, Don and Gaylene, John and Martha were all present to watch the show.

Friday, August 20, 2010

First Piano Judging

The weekend after fair Madeline attended and took part in the Omaha Music Olympics. She worked really hard on her two pieces. Madeline was very nervous but it helped her to know that she would only play for the judge and not a whole audience of people. A week and half before the competition she hurt her wrist falling off of some monkey bars and we thought she may not be able to finish learning/polishing her pieces but she pulled it together and made it.
Before she played. She was very excited.

Recieving her award. After played she thought she would receive a medal. The award bronze and silver medals trophies and trophies with an award of distinction. So when we heard them announce her placing of a trophy she was elated.
All smiles.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Favorite Flowers

YES!!! For some reason the rabbits left my flowers alone and I got to see some that I hadn't seen bloom before.
My favorite rose.

First Fair Entry

A week after we returned from Yellowstone Madeline entered her first project as a Clover Kid (kids younger than 8 as of Jan 1). Madeline has enjoyed getting to know kids in her club, the Clever Clovers. Due to the fact that we had been running nonstop all summer we felt cookies was just the right pace for this year:). No all night sewing feats for me yet:). She made the cookies with her friend and fellow Clover Kid, Liza. She came home with a participation ribbon ( what all Clover Kid entries receive).

New Addition at the Lake

WE HAVE ELECTRICITY!!! The lake as know it has changed forever!!! I thought it was cool to have warm shower a couple years ago. Now....let me say it again ELECTRICITY, microwave, air compressors and air conditioning and last but certainly not least....Flamingo tiki lights!! Pat's favorite addition. Life is good. Who knows what else this group will add!!! This was Madeline's pseudo birthday party. She had wanted a party at the lake so we told her we would have on this summer. Unfortunately the rest of the pics were lost:(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last pics of Yellowstone?

The them song for our trip..."You can't rollerskate through a Buffalo Herd" I think the Bison were Lillian's favorite because she could see them the easiest.

Here is where it all least in pics.
This was our camp site outside the park the night before we got in Yellowstone. As we pulled into the camp sight a Moose cow and calf ran through the camp ground. We were some of the first campers to camp here as the grounds had just opened the night before. It was gorgeous.

Yellowstone or Bust! The mountains are the Tetons.

After we set up camp we drove over to a geyser basin. It was the day my team was walking in the Relay for Life Relay in Columbus so we wore our shirts and "relayed" in Yellowstone.

Our first neighbors were from Germany. They had been in the US for a couple of months. They had girls about the same ages as Madeline and Lillian and loved to play. The girls could speak English amazingly well. The girls taught them how to make smores.

The full moon on the lake at our camp ground.
On our was to Morning Glory.

Our favorite neighbors of the trip. We hope to be in contact with them soon.
The girls palying in the campground.
There's squishy face. Coyde always calls Lillian's smile squishy face.

Just after we stopped at a picnic ground for lunch a Moose ran through the grounds. Five minutes later.....
Madeline lost a tooth.
AWWW Ice cream. In from of the Lake store where Grandpa and Grandma worked. We are sitting on George's bench, a friend of Grandpa and Grandmas.
Ice cream was a regular necessity. We had more ice creams more times than showers. Although that didn't take much. Later in the trip we called ourselves stinky hippies.
There had been a storm that knocked out the electricity so no showers. Don't worry the next day we were clean hippies.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellowstone Continued

More pics. I'm posting pics from the end to the beginning. So hopefully another night of this and I'll have all of them posted.
Glad to be back posting.

Lillian at 6:00 AM same morning. She had gotten car sick on the way to Lamar Valley due to having an empty tummy. We set up the chair and snuggled her in and there she slept. And yes....she's sucking her thumb. Again.

Madeline is PJs hugging dad after she saw the wolf. The group grew quickly when I...yes...I spotted the wolf and then she chased an elk. The standoff lasted an hour and was like watching a scene on a TV program. It was amazing.
Lillian feeling much perkier and now dressed and eating breakfast.
At Mammoth Springs
Lillian is holding her hat over her face and refused to take it away from her face because of the smell. But I promise there was a smile under there.
All tuckered out. Grandpa says he liked riding in the back. We soon realized why.
Burble Burble POP!! Our favorite feature of the whole trip.
Speckles of mud the mud pot threw. Lillian is wiping it off her ear.
Lillian and Grandma doing dishes. Lillian loved this job. She also liked to scrub tables. I'd hire out but I keep her busy myself.
First the dishes then the feet. Lillian laughed and laughed at her foot bath.
Foot fashion after the foot bath. You won't loose her in the woods or a crowd.
We actually saw this guy a couple mornings previous to this on our way to Lamar Valley the first time. Yes....he's getting close. We are in the Sub and parked on the side of the road. He actually looked at us and headed straight towards us so we moved. He crossed the road where we had been parked. We teased Lillian he smelled her Froot Loops and wanted some. Well...she thinks we were kidding. It was a little close for comfort.
About three miles down the road we saw this mama and her two cubs. Her cubs are hiding at the moment. They also got too close and we weren't in the Sub but soon found it for refuge.