Monday, September 28, 2009

More Miss Charlotte by Madeline

After I wrote about Chalotte the other day we took more pictures. When it was foggy we could see her web. She was sitting above it waiting for a bug.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Charlotte by Madeline and Lillian

This is our spider, Charlotte. Charlotte is our pet spider. We found her on the corner of our house. She makes lots of webs. A few weeks ago she made a web on one side of the garage and then she made some more on the other side of the garage. She makes new webs when it gets all gunky. When we wake up and leave in the morning we look at her web. She sits in the middle and when we get close she crawls up to her hiding spot. Her hiding spot is the curve of our garage. For a couple of days we couldn't find her. Then Saturday Madeline saw her making this new web. We were very excited to see our friend again. We have seen her eat flies and butterfly.

Lillian wants to say, "I love Charlotte our pet."

Love Madeline and Lillian

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lillian's First Day of Dance.

Lillian had her first dance lesson Tuesday. She was so excited. She had been counting down the days for quite awhile, asking me, "Is it dance day yet?" every morning.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madeline's Blog

Hello Everyone,
This is the first time I've ever blogged. I had taken alot of pictures and want to share a few with you. Tonight I chose to show you some of my friends.

This is my friend Clay. He thinks I'm pretty cool. I took this picture of him in his camper at the lake. We were giggling alot. This is his favorite book that he had with him.
These are my nieghbors, John and Don. Don lives behind us and John lives beside us. They are very nice. Don teases alot. John shakes his head at us.

This is our neighbor Gaylene. She lives behind us with Don. Lillian took this picture of Gaylene and her doll Bitty Baby.

This is Gaylene's brother, Willis. He was in his truck when I snapped this picture.

This Bria. Her nose was a little gross in this picture. She doesn't always look like this.

This is my friend Lexi. It was Easter when I took this picture. We like to hang out and sing Hannah Montana songs. She spends the night sometimes.

This is Paige, Lexi and Bria's sister. Paige is the oldest. She helps me carry my backpack from school. Her mom and my mom say I need to do it myself.
This is Lillian, my sister, and Reese a few months ago. This is an example of what can happen when the adults get busy. They had greasy kid make up everywhere!!
Another entry to follow soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Saturday after we left the zoo we traveled downtown by the Qwest center the HotShops where our friend Whitney blows glass. Madeline had her camera and was busy clicking away. These are some pics she took. My camera was disabled at this point:). Not all these pieces are works by Whitney but it gives a good sampling of the items people make.
There are other shops and galleries in the building. Madeline being intersted in all things art found it all very fascinating. Even the "inappropriate" picture she found. OOPS!

Out of Darkness Community Walk

We attended our 2nd suicide prevention and awareness walk on Sunday in Honor of our friend Chad. Chad died April 12, 2008. A day that changed all of us in ways that can't be explained. We all know that each of us has changed but so much is unsaid. We don't have to say it when we are together we just know it. Our friends mean so much to us, it can't even be described.

This year my cousin lost her best friend to suicide.

Until this last year and half I had no idea how often it occurred. Suicide is attempted every minute. Every 15 minutes one dies. A gaping hole is left in peoples lives.

I had facebooked that I was mad that I had to be at this event. And this is true but at the same time I am proud and hopeful that the money we raise can bring awareness to this plight. I came to this ah hah moment when I was talking to Julie before the walk. I had told her that I was mad that we were present. And I had mixed thoughts about the purpose of raising the money. I said, "No amount of money could have changed what happened so suddenly and abruptly". She reminded me that it's about awareness. Chad had shown us signs of depression and his wife was desperately trying to piece the puzzle together. Depression and Chad just didn't seem to fit.

Anyways, enough of my miscellaneous thoughts. I want to thank all of those who gave donations and know that I and all of our friends appreciate the help.

A small portion of our crew.


This past Saturday we took a trip to the zoo. We were elated to get there. This was our first trip this year! The skyfari was alot of fun. The girls had a blast. We got to watch the baby orangatangs, hear a tiger roar, watch the seal lions be fed, and see the baby gorilla. Madeline had a blast taking pics. I'm going to make a special entry with her pics. It was a great way to spend an afternoon in September.