Monday, September 21, 2009

Miss Charlotte by Madeline and Lillian

This is our spider, Charlotte. Charlotte is our pet spider. We found her on the corner of our house. She makes lots of webs. A few weeks ago she made a web on one side of the garage and then she made some more on the other side of the garage. She makes new webs when it gets all gunky. When we wake up and leave in the morning we look at her web. She sits in the middle and when we get close she crawls up to her hiding spot. Her hiding spot is the curve of our garage. For a couple of days we couldn't find her. Then Saturday Madeline saw her making this new web. We were very excited to see our friend again. We have seen her eat flies and butterfly.

Lillian wants to say, "I love Charlotte our pet."

Love Madeline and Lillian


  1. Wow girls - those are great pictures! I'm sure Charlotte loves living at your house!

  2. What great fun for you to have a pet spider! Hope Charlotte provides a lot of entertainment and that you can learn a lot from her. These are great pictures. Love--GT