Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great time. The weather was beautiful. The girls didn't have to even wear coats over their costumes. Grandpa and Grandpa Hudnall were with us for the day. Pat, the girls and I went to an auction in the morning and then I made chili with corn bread for dinner.
The costumes were dreamed of by Madeline. She came up with the idea to be Cincerella before and after the ball. Madeline helped grandma pick out fabric scraps for patches and helped sew them on. Madeline even thought of the idea to use a scrub bucket to collect her candy. She enjoyed having me put "dust" on her face, apron, and kerchief. She was a little disappointed when people didn't know who she was but was thrilled when somone "got it".
Lillian was a very pretty Cinderella who lost her slipper on the way home. Actually they both lost slippers on their way home.
Eli made a visit at the end of the night. He had asked if he could come see Lillian in her costume and she was excited for his visit. Cinderella gave a peck on his cheek when he left!! Julie, his mom said he was singing "Lillian is my girlfriend, before they came. Lillian was singing "Eli is my boyfriend", before they came. My hair is turning grey because of all this "love". But, they are cute:).

"Cinderella" before the ball and at the ball.

Getting treats at Allie's.

Grandpa and Eric's pumpkin carving skills.

Best buds. Quite the duo.

Madeline showing Grandpa how to wear his cap.

Love, Hudnalls

Tea Time

When it was mom and dad's turn to be sick the girls entertained them selves with a tea party.

Picking Pumpkins

On a rare weekend that one of us wasn't sick we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Hudnalls. Even though the weather was a tad bit chilly we found a little pumpkin patch. The girls had fun pickin out their pumpkins and finding gourds to puchase.

Lillian's Birthday

The princesses are playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Lillian and Eli made sure they were sitting next to each other, as close as possible.

Getting ready for cake.

Ready for the party to begin.

Enjoying the cake before it's baked!

I know it's a little late but thought I would try to catch everyone up on the happenings around here. Last month Lillian turned four. She had a princess party with one prince, Eli. He was a the honorary knight. We had to postpose the birthday party for one week because she had been sick. We've spent quite a bit of time this past month and a half with someone being sick. Hopefully we can put that behind us for a while!