Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lillian's Week

This week Lillian was very busy! To begin with she had a starring role as a "prop" for the Columbus High School Choir concert. The girls choir was singing a song from "The Little Mermaid" and Allie asked if Lilly could pose as Ariel. It just so happened that Grandma Pat had been commissioned to sew a mermaid costume for Madeline a couple of years ago for Halloween. To top it off Lillian's dear friend Eli was asked to pose as "Eric" the prince from the movie. Needless to say Lillian thought this was a great idea! All possible bases were covered, favorite friend, costume, flowers, and center stage. Could it get any better?

Today, Lillian had preschol "graduation". I use this term loosely because she has another year of preschool before starting Kindergarten. She turns five in September and we've decided better to be oldest than youngest. We'll get back to you in a few years and let you know how that pans out. Again, center stage. The pics are not very close so she's the little one in the middle with a white and pink floral dress. For the first few songs you could hear her voice over everyone's. Little package.....big impact:)

Alicia and Lillian. Very good friends. Alician live just down the street. She has another close friend Jaryn who lives near by as well but we missed getting a picture with her... maybe next time.

We don't look alike do we?
See ya next time:)!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dance Recital Review and Pics "Some Days You Gotta Dance"

This last Saturday was dance recital!! I'll tell the story using pics. There are plenty! The pics are from the day of the recital. Prior to the pics were numerous practices at the high school. Friday night was dress rehearsal which lasted for Madeline until 8:30. My mom and Jackie came Thursday and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with us. It was good to have them here. We actually filled an entire row with family and friends! (14). This was Lillian's first dance recital and our first shot at coordinating different schedules etc.

Madeline at 8:15 a.m. with her vanilla bean frap from Starbucks, texting and getting her hair done. 8 going on 18.9:15 a.m. pics in costumes before heading to one last practice at high school. This costume was for "Stupid Cupid" Myfavorite outfit.

Costume for "Santa Claus is coming to Town" Madeline's favorite outfit.
Costume for "Frosty the Snowman". Madeline's favorite dance. And as it turned out my favorite.
Dress rehearsal for Finale in Stupid Cupid costume.

10:45 a.m. Lillian's (yellow shorts) practice for finale. She might be hard to see in some pics. She was/is the smalles dancer in the whole production!
Madeline stays at high school and I bring Lillian home and go back to high school with my mom to watch the first performance starting at 1:30.
Eric took Lillian to get her hair done at 2:30.
5:15 p.m. Lillian's turn! Our fierce lion.

She was not sure how to smile with all that fluff in her face but she figured it out on stage.

7:30 p.m. Lillian danced about 30 minutes into the program. She did the best during the recital. Must have worked out all the jitters during rehearsal. She was pretty bewildered during dress rehearsal but it got better during the Saturday morning practice and by recital she was ready.

Too cute! The video is shaky because I was laughing so hard.

Madeline in green and on the right in her second dance and having fun.

The face says it all!

Our favorite moment. During the first recital she was actually dancing so hard she fell! She popped right back up and went on dancing as if nothing happened! She kept right on smiling. This pic was actually taken during second performance. That smile didn't leave her face through the whole dance.


Flowers from all her admirers. She was pretty excited to see us. She had been done dancing for quite a while but was wide awake and bushy tailed. She gave hugs and kisses to all and watned to stroll down the halls greeting friends. She was all smiles

her sister was trying to recover from the tears she always cries at the end! Madeline always cries because the seniors are done and will never be back and she "won't see her friends from dance till September!". The tears start on stage and carry on back stage and sometimes all the way home!

It's blurry but it tells the story. Lillian crashed in the 3 minute car ride home.

Madeline recooperating the next day.

(I had a margharita.)