Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lillian's Week

This week Lillian was very busy! To begin with she had a starring role as a "prop" for the Columbus High School Choir concert. The girls choir was singing a song from "The Little Mermaid" and Allie asked if Lilly could pose as Ariel. It just so happened that Grandma Pat had been commissioned to sew a mermaid costume for Madeline a couple of years ago for Halloween. To top it off Lillian's dear friend Eli was asked to pose as "Eric" the prince from the movie. Needless to say Lillian thought this was a great idea! All possible bases were covered, favorite friend, costume, flowers, and center stage. Could it get any better?

Today, Lillian had preschol "graduation". I use this term loosely because she has another year of preschool before starting Kindergarten. She turns five in September and we've decided better to be oldest than youngest. We'll get back to you in a few years and let you know how that pans out. Again, center stage. The pics are not very close so she's the little one in the middle with a white and pink floral dress. For the first few songs you could hear her voice over everyone's. Little package.....big impact:)

Alicia and Lillian. Very good friends. Alician live just down the street. She has another close friend Jaryn who lives near by as well but we missed getting a picture with her... maybe next time.

We don't look alike do we?
See ya next time:)!!!

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