Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dance Recital!!

Madeline had her dance recital. It was the 25th year Lynette had put on a production. Alot of Alumni came back to dance with Lynette including a group of dad's that had danced with their daughters in the past. It was a great show with lots of fun surprises. One of them was the "balloon dance" Madeline's class performed. I say it was a surprise because none of the parents knew they were performing this number. All of a sudden our girls were dancing a routine none of had seen. It was so much fun. They were so proud of themselves for surprising everyone. The real surprise was at the end of the routine when all of the girls popped the balloons they were holding. They all had a needle taped to their finger on their left hand to pop the balloon at the end. The recital was a bigger event for this year as she had 3 dances plus the finale. The last two years she has only had one dance plus the finale.
The most nerve racking moments came after their first dance in the first half. One of the "helpers" back stage came to find in the audience saying I needed to come help Madeline find her second costume. When I got back stage they reported they couldn't find it and
needed me to go look for it in our car. I went back to my seat to get my car keys. Ran to the car... No costume.... ran back to the doors to tell them....they told me I needed to run home to make sure it wasn't there. We had to talk to security so that they knew who I was when I came back so that I could get the costume back stage. I drove home.... no costume.... I drove back and once again ran. Mind you I have one "bad" knee and the other one is worse with a torn ACL. They still couldn't find it. By the time I got back to the cafeteria where her group was they had located the costume but had hers on one fo the other girls and she was wearing one that was two sizes too big for her. All in all no harm done just some anxiety for me!! I knew I had carried that costume in. I'm determined not to trust "security" again to escort the dancer and the costume back stage next year!!
After the performance I made my way through security to "claim" her. Jill and I found her and Liza waiting. Madeline was in tears. She was sad it was over. And a little tired:). As we were walking out to the hall to meet all our loved ones she told me she had to find Allie. Allie is our babysitter during the summer and school breaks. She was desperate. It turns out she thought this year was Allie's last year of dancing and she was frantic to get a picture with her. I told her Allie was going to be dancing 4 more years but we still needed to find her. I called Allie on her cell phone and she was just leaving with her mom so we met them in a parking lot so we could get a hug and a pic. This is the first picture below.
Last, I want to say thank you to Lynette for caring about all the students she cares for. I would also like to thank all those who love Madeline and make her feel special on this day and every day. Thanks Jill for getting Madeline to the weekly lesson and figuring out how to break into our house when we forget the dance bag and for keeping me informed of all the goings on at dance. We couldn't make this work without you. Thanks to all the family and friends who come for this event. And know that we think about those not here with us and know that you would be if you could. Okay, enough with the Oscar acceptance speech:)

Allie and Madeline together at last.
After the show gathering flowers from loved ones!

A teary smile. Proud, tired, and anxious to find Allie. Madeline on the right Liza on the left.

Splish Splash!! I was taking a bath.

Having fun posing after everyone else left to stand in line for seats and Mom and Madeline were alone waiting for the time to leave. Yes, they had to leave before she did!!

Getting our hair done with Lisa. She was in all her glory. She had a Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappachino, carmel popcorn (from Lisa) and a mirror and sparkles. What else could a girl want!! Her friend Liza was next in line. So Madeline got her some popcorn as well.

As always, love you all. God Bless. Sorry for typos:)