Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dora, Dora, Dora the Explorer!!

Today, I took the day off to take Lillian to Dora. We were able to go with our friends Jill and Isabel. As you can see Isabel was a little shy when the camera came out. They had a blast and we are now hearing bits and pieces of it running through our house. It was a great day. We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and came home. It was a great day for getting home early so that we could play outside. As you can see in the last pic the show and the lunch were enough to dicatate a good nap on the way home. They tried to watch Nemo and changed to two other movies trying to stay awake but the tired eyes won.

Reading, and Lake and Spring Break

Last weekend was a great couple of days. On Sunday we drove out to the lake to help with preperations for the upcoming year. The lake is looking great. Madeline and Duane found a large grape vine to swing from. Madeline did a lot of exploring in the "woods" and even found some treasures. She ended up staying there Sunday night with Grandpa and Grandma and came home Monday. This week is spring break. No big plans, just enjoying the weather.
The down side of our little trip to the lake was that my blew my "goood" knee while clearing brush. So, I'm nursing that one and hoping the other one stays put. It's slowly feeling better; weak and swollen but better.
Saturday night we found Madeline "reading" to her self. It was really funny to hear her snoring.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update and Relay For Life

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while. Things are just ho hum. Madeline had her school program this past week. It was very nice. The kids did a great job.
I've been busy raising money and helping my Relay For Life team "Our Family Tree". I created a facebook page and am excited about attending our first big fund raiser, Scrappin' for a Cure. I have never scrapbooked before but figure I can give it a whirl! I'm not sure yet what project I'm going to take on. I'm actually thinking of trying my hand at creating some cards for friends etc. The ribbon I posted at the top of the blog is for Childhood Cancer Awareness. I have a friend/co-worker whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer two years ago today. Charli has been an inspiration for Madeline as well. This past summer she and the babysitter, Allie held a lemonade stand and donated the proceeds to Childhood Cancer Treatment and Awareness. I've lost many other loved ones as well and honor all of them in this endeavor. My sister's father-in-law has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and given 6 months. In December we lost Roger David when he lost his battle with cancer after 3 three years of fighting. And the list goes on.... I really do have plenty to fight for and remember. So keep posted as I share more thoughts and ways you can help our team, "sow the seeds of help."
We are looking forward to Spring. We grilled tonight and are going to the "lake" tomorrow. And so it begins the ritual of spending time at the lake.....
This week is Madeline's spring break. We have no big plans as we want to spend some vacation time later this summer. But I am taking Wednesday off to take Lillian to see a "Dora the Explorer" Live stage show. She is very excited and is hoping to talk to Dora. I'll keep you posted.
Anyways, other news: We are excited for Roger and Mandy as they are expecting twins!! We are praying for Chris' grandfather who had a terrifying accident on a ditch witch. We keep Janelle and her family in our prayers. We are thankful Lillian was not as seriously ill as we thought last week when I rushed to the ER. I thought she was experiencing an asthma attack and since this was the first time I had seen her struggle with this I ended up rushing her to the ER. In the end just a really bad virus.
This probably wasn't too exciting but I think there will be lots to write about soon!!
Take Care and don't let those sneaky little green guys get the better of you!