Friday, August 28, 2009

Picture Day

It's picture day. I clicked a couple of pics before she left for school and thought I'd share them right quick.
Not much else has been going on. Just the usual hustle and bustle. My mom and dad were here Monday night for a quick visit and Madeline and Eric had their first soccer practice together Wednesday. The both looked pretty happy about it.
I get to drive the new Forester today so Lillian is looking forward to riding in the new car. She gets a little put out when Eric or I drive the old cars and leave the new one in the garage.
I think we are going to spend the night at the lake and then be home by 10:30 or 11:00 so that I can take the girls to shoe day at dance. They are both excited to get started with dance in a couple of weeks.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Lillian's First Day of Preschool

Today was Lillian's first day at Beginnings Preschool. I picked her up from daycare and got her dressed. She was really excited. I was doing pretty good. She was most excited about her new backpack. She was all smiles until ...... I left and then she looked a little nervous or bewildered. I was fine until then....that's when I got a little sad. Not even an hour later the teacher called me at work. This can not be good!! As it turns out the teacher just wanted to let me know I paid too much. Lillian was having a blast. She was all smiles when I got home. Madeline and Lillian had a blast comparing notes since Madeline remembers her days at the same preschool.

Hugs for mom!
I love my backpack.
Aren't I cute?

I'm going in all by myself!!

Ok, so my ribbon is giving me bunny ears but I'm ready!!


When we went school shopping Lillian found a pair of fleece footed pajamas. She squeeled with delight. She was so excited because "they just like Madelines". Mine you, Madelines are summer pajamas. She held them all the way home and sure enough it was the first thing she needed to try on. And sure enough she has worn them almost every night since!! Doesn't matter how warm she gets. Next we'll have to find giraffe pajamas for Bitty Baby.

Madeline's First Day of 2nd Grade

It's official, I'm not sure how this happened but she's a 2nd grader. The last year in the "little kid hallway" vs. the "big kid hallway". I can't believe it. She's gotten so grown up. Don't get me wrong she has her moments. God forbid she hits "the wall". She's very proud of herself these days for being a big helper. The other day I was listening to a conversation she was having with a friend while playing "house". Madeline said "You be the mom, I'm the teenager and I got asked on a date so I'm going to sneak out of the house." YIKES!!! Two things came to mind. Crap, she is going to pull the same stunts I did! And no more Hannah Montana!

One last hug for Lillian
Big girl.

All smiles.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bye-Bye Birdies!! Hello Light!!

Since we moved into our house 4 years ago we have battled the Starlings. The first year we thought all we needed to do was to shoot some firecrackers at them and clean off the sidewalk every weekend. Not so. The next two years the problem became worse. We got pooped on when we walked under the trees. People would avoid walking in front of our house. Cars cried at the thought of being parked under the trees. This year it was worse. No amount of spraying could keep the sidewalks at least passable. We couldn't let the girls play in front of the house and the flies were unbearable. We were nervous that someone was going to get sick!! My friend had feathers plastered all over her van when the wind blew while it rained. And poor Eric needed a dust mask to mow our yard!! I can't even descirbe the smell especially when it rained. You could smell it while sitting on our neighbors porch behind our house!! So.... even though the trees were pretty ( or could have been if you didn't notice the while all over them from the bird sh^&**^) and you hate to get rid of healthy specimens, they had to GO!! So, last weekend while grandma took Madeline school shopping in Omaha, Eric, his dad, and our friend Chris knocked them down. So.... here are before and after pics. I was really nervous that our house would look ugly without them but..... I think it passes mustard. Judge for yourself.

2nd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand!!

Last summer Madeline read a "story" describing a charity started by a pediatric cancer patient. The founder Alex had fought cancer. During her battle she decided to raise money for pediactric cancer awareness and research. Alex's family continues her mission by allowing others to host lemonade stands.

Madeline hosted her second "Alex's Lemonade Stand" in honor of our friend Charlie. Lillian also helped more this year. As usual this turned into a neighborhood effort with Don and Gaylene getting them set up while we were at work. Allie (babysitter) also played a crucial part helping Madeline make the posters and organize for the event.

I made cookies.....not my best but it was for a good cause. I'm not sure what happened. They all turned out flat. Tasted fine...just looked .....flat.

Anyways, the stand made $140.00 that evening and $210.00 with some donations people made in the coming days. For a seven year old I figure that's a pretty good job. It's a joy to watch their faces and watch them learn how to be a part of their community. Madeline took the money to the bank and sealed the envelope to send the money in to the foundation.

So proud

My brother graduated this summer from UNK. We had a great time celebrating with him. We are very proud of him. The girls thought the hat and diploma were pretty cool. Thanks to all of his friends, family, and our friends that made it a special day for him.

Lillian playing with Bitty Baby

Hello everyone!!
Again it's been way too long since I've blogged. I have several entries to make so I decided I needed to get busy.
This first one occurred a couple of weeks ago while I was home one morning with the girls. Lillian has loved Bitty Baby since she got her as a Christmas gift two years ago. She still loves her. Bitty Baby goes alot of places with her. The morning I caught this video was no exception. Bitty Baby was toy choice number one. She gets baths, walks in the stroller, swing time in the baby swing, diaper changes, wardrobe changes and lots of love!!