Sunday, December 27, 2009


Lillian found crawling or digging through the snow easier than walking.

Truly a White Christmas!

The morning after Christmas we decided to get out of the house. Let It Snow Let It Snow was as true this Christmas as ever.

Mark, Madeline, Pat, Lillian, and Eric
Pat helping Lillian through the snow.

Biscuit loves the stuff. Can'get enough. It swallows him but he plows right through.

Lillian trying to figure out how to make it down the path.

Christmas Day!!

The faces say it all. Even though we did not make it to church Christmas was held in our hearts. We have been warm and cozy and well taken care of. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas Eve

We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's house 24 earlier than first planned to try to avoid getting caught in weather. We were successful but Lillian was very sure that meant Christmas was the next day. She was relentless and Grandma being a sucker agreed the girls could open their gifts from them Christmas Eve.

After Santa had paid a visit.
Thei girls with thier new dolls and matching p.j. made by Grandma Pat

Lillian thrilled with her Bitty Twins. Named Abby and Tabby. None of us can tell them apart. Lillian has it figured out. Whichever one she hands to you first is Abby.

Madeline seeing her doll. It looks like her so aply named Madeline.

A little out of focus but Grandma helping Lillian carry the "very big box".


Over Christmas Break Madeline is suppose to play for 12 people. Since we have been snowed in she has only played for a fraction of those. So I thought I would post this and then if the people who have not heard her play could leave a post then that would count!! Enjoy!!

She started playin piano in October. She had taken a few lessons last spring but didn't keep it up and then tried again this fall and took off!! She loves it. Merry Christmas!!

Sunday School Program

After Santa we ran home ate supper, put dresses back on and headed off to the Sunday School Program. Lillian was slightly put out that she didn't get to take part. Next year. Madeline made a good Angel and Ithought it was a fitting part that will hopefully make her reflect on the spirit of the season.


The after Lillian's preschool program Madeline had her Sunday School Christmas program and we finally made it see Santa Claus. What a jolly old elf he is. He proved to be worthy of all the kids respent as he knew their teachers. Later when conferring with other mom's and dad's we found out Santa really did know each child's teacher and/or principal. Lillian was very excited and gave Santa a hug for good measure.

More Christmas Preperations and Celebrations

How is this pose?
Lillian's Preschool Program was next. This was her first Christmas program of any type. She was very excited. She had been practicing some of the songs for weeks aroudn the house. These pictures were loaded in reverse order because my blogging skills are a bit rusty. Sorry.

In attendance for her debut was Grandpa and Grandma H. and neighbors,adopted grandparents, Don and Gaylene. She was surprised by the bright lights and squinted most of the program but once she found us in the crowd she lit up like a Christmas tree.

Lillian and her friend Jaren. We hear about Jaren every day.

She found us.

Bright Lights make eyes squint.

Looking good is hard work.

Chatching up!!

Madeline grooving and dancing
Very Excited!

Once again I have let too much time go between posts. You would have thought I would have had lots of time the last few days to such things!! We have been snowed in at Mark and Pat's since last Wednesday. We arrived Tuesday night in a successful attempt to avoid getting stuck at home for Christmas, now the tric appears to be getting home.

We are all doing fine and have enjoyed our stay at Grandma and Grandpa's. Can't believe another year has passed. It was filled with ups and downs for us but all in all are doing just fine.

We miss seeing alot of our friends. Seems like illness kept us from seeing people in September and October and November flew past. December was filled with activity that kept us close to home and now weather has prevented us seeing friends. Hopefully January will allow for more visits.

I have so much to share. I'm going to start with Madeline's 2nd grade Lost Creek Elementary School program.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A glimpse into Lillian's days.

The following is an email I received from our sitter a couple of weeks ago. It made me giggle at work which is always good. L stand for Lillian and K stands for her friend. The following comments were made my the sitter. I just thought I'd share. I wish I had a picture of Lillian's face that she made. I can just imagine what it was.

L- I’m very mad at you
K- why
L- You don’t let me be the mom
K- I am the mom
L-you can’t be a mom you are a boy
L- I’m mad
L- if you don’t let me be the mom tomorrow, I’m not going to be happy
K- Want to play with your monkey?
It was so funny.She was trying so hard to tell him how she was feeling and why she was angry with him and he was just a typical male…”okay”….then a change of subject. Conveniently, they are both young enough that neither really care or remember what they were angry about 5 minutes ago and they can just carry on with their day. I got a good laugh (to myself of course). I was very proud of Lillian for explaining, or trying as hard as she could, her emotions to Kaden! Good GIRL!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun with Aunt Uncle Ted, and Austin

We traveled to my sisters for Thanksgiving. It had been a year since any of us had been to the west end of the state. The girls were thrilled to be going until 4 hours into the car ride which made the last 2 to 3 hours very long. Overall though they are good little travelers. They were even better on the way home because they both spent the majority of the time resting. I guess they wore the puppy out but the puppy must have worn them out!
The day after Thanksgiving we all went out to the fairgrounds where Uncle Ted and Austin taught the girls how to shoot archery and a BB gun. The adults got in on the action as well. Needless to say I was a little over dressed in my red paten shoes.
Madeline focused on her target. Uncle Ted helping.
I think the BB gun was taller than she is!
Savvy chasing down prey.
Serious at work.
Somehow Eric missed the red shoes.
Madeline taking aim.

Savvy, Austin's new lab (a.k.a the girls new love)

Austin, my 13 year old nephew received his Christmas present early. A Chocolate Lab, Savvy. The girls mauled the poor puppy the whole weekend. She tried to find safety under the coffee table but would be dragged out before she could get settled. She is adorable. When Lillian saw the pictures tonight she asked when we would see Savvy again. I explained that Savvy would be bigger next time we see her. This brought tears and pleads that she not get bigger.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great time. The weather was beautiful. The girls didn't have to even wear coats over their costumes. Grandpa and Grandpa Hudnall were with us for the day. Pat, the girls and I went to an auction in the morning and then I made chili with corn bread for dinner.
The costumes were dreamed of by Madeline. She came up with the idea to be Cincerella before and after the ball. Madeline helped grandma pick out fabric scraps for patches and helped sew them on. Madeline even thought of the idea to use a scrub bucket to collect her candy. She enjoyed having me put "dust" on her face, apron, and kerchief. She was a little disappointed when people didn't know who she was but was thrilled when somone "got it".
Lillian was a very pretty Cinderella who lost her slipper on the way home. Actually they both lost slippers on their way home.
Eli made a visit at the end of the night. He had asked if he could come see Lillian in her costume and she was excited for his visit. Cinderella gave a peck on his cheek when he left!! Julie, his mom said he was singing "Lillian is my girlfriend, before they came. Lillian was singing "Eli is my boyfriend", before they came. My hair is turning grey because of all this "love". But, they are cute:).

"Cinderella" before the ball and at the ball.

Getting treats at Allie's.

Grandpa and Eric's pumpkin carving skills.

Best buds. Quite the duo.

Madeline showing Grandpa how to wear his cap.

Love, Hudnalls

Tea Time

When it was mom and dad's turn to be sick the girls entertained them selves with a tea party.

Picking Pumpkins

On a rare weekend that one of us wasn't sick we traveled to Grandma and Grandpa Hudnalls. Even though the weather was a tad bit chilly we found a little pumpkin patch. The girls had fun pickin out their pumpkins and finding gourds to puchase.

Lillian's Birthday

The princesses are playing Duck, Duck, Goose. Lillian and Eli made sure they were sitting next to each other, as close as possible.

Getting ready for cake.

Ready for the party to begin.

Enjoying the cake before it's baked!

I know it's a little late but thought I would try to catch everyone up on the happenings around here. Last month Lillian turned four. She had a princess party with one prince, Eli. He was a the honorary knight. We had to postpose the birthday party for one week because she had been sick. We've spent quite a bit of time this past month and a half with someone being sick. Hopefully we can put that behind us for a while!