Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Birthday to YOU!

Madine turned 8 on Friday and we are all exhausted! Madeline, four friends and Lillian celebrated with pizza, swimming, cupcakes, movie, little sleep and then family!
Saturday, Madeline had her soccer game birght and early. No worries all the giggling girls were awake by 7:00 a.m. After the soccer game Great grandma and grandpa arrived followed by grandma and grandpa Hudnall. Madeline created the menu of hotdogs, jello, carrots and chips!

Melanie, Lexi, Madeline, Jayln, and Emily
We swam and then took me just as long to give 6 (including Lilly) showers afterward!

Cupcakes and presents outside at home.

Presents from Family on Saturday.

Camp chair for "Lanie"

Demonstrating flavors of lip gloss with Great Grandpa and Grandma

All smiles! Camper for "Lanie"

The girls and neighbors had gathered fallen blooms from trees and then scattered them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Olympic Hero

You may remember the 4 man bobsled team that won Gold at the Winter Olympics this year? The pusher is from a small town outside of Columbus. Needless to say he's become quite the hero around here. Soon after the Games ended he spoke at Madeline's school and Gaylene was able to take Lillian there to see him. Lillian got his signature and pics with him that day but Madeline did not have that chance. I would post those but my neighbor took them so I don't have them on my computer, sorry.
Madeline got a second chance when the Rehab Department at the hospital hosted Curt T (as he's known in our office) for another community gathering. She chose to take Eric and got her pics. Liza and Drew got to sit with Eric. Liza and Madeline had fun phoning each other using their parents phones and making Eric wonder how he gets himself into these situations.

Thanks Curt for being so gracious and spending so much time with the community celebrating your great success!


"Put the duck down Uncle Coyde. BE NICE!"
Sorry Uncle Coyde....I forgot to mention that you came to Easter Dinner. Don't think for a second that your presence was not felt. We love you and will miss you while you are off being a fire bug in Colorado or whereever the flames blow. Be safe and enjoy the experiences.


For Easter we stayed close to home. We've generally stayed close to home for Easter. It was quiet and simple. Eric's parents and grandparents joined us for Church and Easter Dinner. The weather was great and allowed the Easter Bunny to hide his goodies outside.
As promised....and expected at this point.....and anticipated by half of Columbus Grandpa Pat delivered this years edition of Easter dresses. This girls love them. Madeline is thrilled to realize she can turn the cumberbun so the flower is in the back or the front.

"Pose girls"
"Do something else."



And yes, the dolls were not forgotten.

More Ducks!

Pics of the ducks trip to the lake.


Gloria, Fuzzy, Utka, and Donald

Madeline is sure this is Gloria.

Biscuit beginning to plot his attack in a couple weeks time. Plan was foiled.

Ducks a little bigger. Can you tell who is who?

Last year we raised chicks for several weeks. The minute they left with "Uncle" Duane plotting began to have ducks the next year. So....with Madeline working the phones to find a home for them as early as fall of 2009....and a little help from mom.... Uncle Duane was kind enough to help us out.
Their names....Madeline's was Gloria, Lillian's was Fuzzy, Eric's was Utka (Russian for Duck), Mine was Donald. We aren't sure if Donald in was honor of Donald Duck or our neighbor Don:).
Ducks grow faster than chicks...and as a result they are a bit smellier but they were thoroughly enjoyed. Eric, the girls, and Biscuit spent one day at the lake with them. They enjoyed stretching their webbed feet in the water.

Biscuit almost had Duck one morning when the Ducks were moved from the basement to the garage. Mom saved the day and everyone survived.


What can I say, once again I've abandoned my blog:(. Things are starting to get a little crazy around here which is scary because I feel like they were already a littly busy. To make this simple and not draw it out I'm simply going to give you pics to looks at. Enjoy.