Thursday, April 22, 2010


Gloria, Fuzzy, Utka, and Donald

Madeline is sure this is Gloria.

Biscuit beginning to plot his attack in a couple weeks time. Plan was foiled.

Ducks a little bigger. Can you tell who is who?

Last year we raised chicks for several weeks. The minute they left with "Uncle" Duane plotting began to have ducks the next year. So....with Madeline working the phones to find a home for them as early as fall of 2009....and a little help from mom.... Uncle Duane was kind enough to help us out.
Their names....Madeline's was Gloria, Lillian's was Fuzzy, Eric's was Utka (Russian for Duck), Mine was Donald. We aren't sure if Donald in was honor of Donald Duck or our neighbor Don:).
Ducks grow faster than chicks...and as a result they are a bit smellier but they were thoroughly enjoyed. Eric, the girls, and Biscuit spent one day at the lake with them. They enjoyed stretching their webbed feet in the water.

Biscuit almost had Duck one morning when the Ducks were moved from the basement to the garage. Mom saved the day and everyone survived.

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