Thursday, April 22, 2010

Olympic Hero

You may remember the 4 man bobsled team that won Gold at the Winter Olympics this year? The pusher is from a small town outside of Columbus. Needless to say he's become quite the hero around here. Soon after the Games ended he spoke at Madeline's school and Gaylene was able to take Lillian there to see him. Lillian got his signature and pics with him that day but Madeline did not have that chance. I would post those but my neighbor took them so I don't have them on my computer, sorry.
Madeline got a second chance when the Rehab Department at the hospital hosted Curt T (as he's known in our office) for another community gathering. She chose to take Eric and got her pics. Liza and Drew got to sit with Eric. Liza and Madeline had fun phoning each other using their parents phones and making Eric wonder how he gets himself into these situations.

Thanks Curt for being so gracious and spending so much time with the community celebrating your great success!


  1. Oh, my boys would love to meet him! THAT ROCKS!

  2. So fun!! I'm sure the girls were super excited!