Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas Preperations and Celebrations

How is this pose?
Lillian's Preschool Program was next. This was her first Christmas program of any type. She was very excited. She had been practicing some of the songs for weeks aroudn the house. These pictures were loaded in reverse order because my blogging skills are a bit rusty. Sorry.

In attendance for her debut was Grandpa and Grandma H. and neighbors,adopted grandparents, Don and Gaylene. She was surprised by the bright lights and squinted most of the program but once she found us in the crowd she lit up like a Christmas tree.

Lillian and her friend Jaren. We hear about Jaren every day.

She found us.

Bright Lights make eyes squint.

Looking good is hard work.

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  1. Lillian- Somehow I missed seeing these pictures until now. Wish so much I could have been there. You looked like a big star! Love, GM T