Thursday, December 3, 2009

A glimpse into Lillian's days.

The following is an email I received from our sitter a couple of weeks ago. It made me giggle at work which is always good. L stand for Lillian and K stands for her friend. The following comments were made my the sitter. I just thought I'd share. I wish I had a picture of Lillian's face that she made. I can just imagine what it was.

L- I’m very mad at you
K- why
L- You don’t let me be the mom
K- I am the mom
L-you can’t be a mom you are a boy
L- I’m mad
L- if you don’t let me be the mom tomorrow, I’m not going to be happy
K- Want to play with your monkey?
It was so funny.She was trying so hard to tell him how she was feeling and why she was angry with him and he was just a typical male…”okay”….then a change of subject. Conveniently, they are both young enough that neither really care or remember what they were angry about 5 minutes ago and they can just carry on with their day. I got a good laugh (to myself of course). I was very proud of Lillian for explaining, or trying as hard as she could, her emotions to Kaden! Good GIRL!!!


  1. cute! It's amazing what kids come up with! Thanks for sharing!