Sunday, August 23, 2009

2nd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand!!

Last summer Madeline read a "story" describing a charity started by a pediatric cancer patient. The founder Alex had fought cancer. During her battle she decided to raise money for pediactric cancer awareness and research. Alex's family continues her mission by allowing others to host lemonade stands.

Madeline hosted her second "Alex's Lemonade Stand" in honor of our friend Charlie. Lillian also helped more this year. As usual this turned into a neighborhood effort with Don and Gaylene getting them set up while we were at work. Allie (babysitter) also played a crucial part helping Madeline make the posters and organize for the event.

I made cookies.....not my best but it was for a good cause. I'm not sure what happened. They all turned out flat. Tasted fine...just looked .....flat.

Anyways, the stand made $140.00 that evening and $210.00 with some donations people made in the coming days. For a seven year old I figure that's a pretty good job. It's a joy to watch their faces and watch them learn how to be a part of their community. Madeline took the money to the bank and sealed the envelope to send the money in to the foundation.


  1. Great job girls! Congratulations!

  2. this gives me the chills...and brings tears to my eyes! it is so amazing when kids do this, and $210 is GREAT, that is $210 that wouldn't have been raised without her effort. I am certain that those dollars will change someones life...without a doubt. You should be SO proud.
    We apprecaite the work you put into it...because of the work everyone put into it - there will be less kids like Charli that have to fight cancer, and that is a good thing!!!!