Monday, August 24, 2009

Lillian's First Day of Preschool

Today was Lillian's first day at Beginnings Preschool. I picked her up from daycare and got her dressed. She was really excited. I was doing pretty good. She was most excited about her new backpack. She was all smiles until ...... I left and then she looked a little nervous or bewildered. I was fine until then....that's when I got a little sad. Not even an hour later the teacher called me at work. This can not be good!! As it turns out the teacher just wanted to let me know I paid too much. Lillian was having a blast. She was all smiles when I got home. Madeline and Lillian had a blast comparing notes since Madeline remembers her days at the same preschool.

Hugs for mom!
I love my backpack.
Aren't I cute?

I'm going in all by myself!!

Ok, so my ribbon is giving me bunny ears but I'm ready!!


  1. this post makes my stomach hurt...I am NOT ready to send charli anywhere by her self next year!! It will come with many emotions I'm sure!

  2. How cute! So glad she had a great time!

  3. How pretty she is! Glad she had a great first day - and that the first phone call from preschool wasn't anything serious!

  4. Ah she's adorable! And what a model!! Posing for the pictures... too cute. :) Glad the first day went well!!