Monday, August 16, 2010

WOW!! I've got a lot of explaining to do!!

Sisterly love in Yellowstone
It's Hot! And it stinks!
Address in Yellowstone 2010
Madeline getting instruction from the pro. Rick spent alot of time with Madeline while watching the wolves the second time we went to see them. He remembered her from the first day we went.
Rick and Grandpa Mark helping Lillian see the wolves. The wolves were at least 2 miles away.
Where are they?
Breakfast at Yellowstone Picnic area after seeing the wolves the second time in Lamar Valley.
WARNING! Hold onto Bitty Baby!
Ok. Pic a little far away but it's a mama grizzly with her three cubs. We weren't getting closer.
Madeline playing on the beach at Yellowstone Lake. It's COLD!
Home Sweet Home before it's all taken down.
Sorry. This is a bit scary I know. Lillian insisted. The girls thought it was hilarious to see me in piggy tales.
Oh yes, Bitty Baby was along for the vaca. She is sitting on the prize loon bought at a sidewalk sale at one of the stores in the park. We thought it was fitting that our little loon have a loon of her own.

Ok, I know, I know. I stink at keeping this up to date. In my defense I have had a computer on it's last leg all summer. But out. Thanks to Mike I'm back in action.
This summer has been such a wild ride. I'm going to take you back to the beginning and slowly post a new entry every so often. It won't take long because I'm discovering most were lost in the computer debacle.
So from May till late June nothin:(.
I'll give you a run down.
May 28th-May 31. Memorial Day - Camping at the lake. Quieter than usual but a very good weekend.
June 1-3 Madeline goes to Church camp with Grandma Trudy.
June 7-10th Madeline has Dance camp
June 7-10 Lillian has Bible School
June 19,20, 21 College World Series tailgate party
June 24-July 3rd Yellowstone!
July 4th Crawford
I'll stop there. I'll give you some pics to look at. We went to Yellowstone with Eric's parents. AND we owe Mandy and Roger a big thanks for letting us use their pop up which was bigger than our other option.

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