Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellowstone Continued

More pics. I'm posting pics from the end to the beginning. So hopefully another night of this and I'll have all of them posted.
Glad to be back posting.

Lillian at 6:00 AM same morning. She had gotten car sick on the way to Lamar Valley due to having an empty tummy. We set up the chair and snuggled her in and there she slept. And yes....she's sucking her thumb. Again.

Madeline is PJs hugging dad after she saw the wolf. The group grew quickly when I...yes...I spotted the wolf and then she chased an elk. The standoff lasted an hour and was like watching a scene on a TV program. It was amazing.
Lillian feeling much perkier and now dressed and eating breakfast.
At Mammoth Springs
Lillian is holding her hat over her face and refused to take it away from her face because of the smell. But I promise there was a smile under there.
All tuckered out. Grandpa says he liked riding in the back. We soon realized why.
Burble Burble POP!! Our favorite feature of the whole trip.
Speckles of mud the mud pot threw. Lillian is wiping it off her ear.
Lillian and Grandma doing dishes. Lillian loved this job. She also liked to scrub tables. I'd hire out but I keep her busy myself.
First the dishes then the feet. Lillian laughed and laughed at her foot bath.
Foot fashion after the foot bath. You won't loose her in the woods or a crowd.
We actually saw this guy a couple mornings previous to this on our way to Lamar Valley the first time. Yes....he's getting close. We are in the Sub and parked on the side of the road. He actually looked at us and headed straight towards us so we moved. He crossed the road where we had been parked. We teased Lillian he smelled her Froot Loops and wanted some. Well...she thinks we were kidding. It was a little close for comfort.
About three miles down the road we saw this mama and her two cubs. Her cubs are hiding at the moment. They also got too close and we weren't in the Sub but soon found it for refuge.

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