Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last pics of Yellowstone?

The them song for our trip..."You can't rollerskate through a Buffalo Herd" I think the Bison were Lillian's favorite because she could see them the easiest.

Here is where it all least in pics.
This was our camp site outside the park the night before we got in Yellowstone. As we pulled into the camp sight a Moose cow and calf ran through the camp ground. We were some of the first campers to camp here as the grounds had just opened the night before. It was gorgeous.

Yellowstone or Bust! The mountains are the Tetons.

After we set up camp we drove over to a geyser basin. It was the day my team was walking in the Relay for Life Relay in Columbus so we wore our shirts and "relayed" in Yellowstone.

Our first neighbors were from Germany. They had been in the US for a couple of months. They had girls about the same ages as Madeline and Lillian and loved to play. The girls could speak English amazingly well. The girls taught them how to make smores.

The full moon on the lake at our camp ground.
On our was to Morning Glory.

Our favorite neighbors of the trip. We hope to be in contact with them soon.
The girls palying in the campground.
There's squishy face. Coyde always calls Lillian's smile squishy face.

Just after we stopped at a picnic ground for lunch a Moose ran through the grounds. Five minutes later.....
Madeline lost a tooth.
AWWW Ice cream. In from of the Lake store where Grandpa and Grandma worked. We are sitting on George's bench, a friend of Grandpa and Grandmas.
Ice cream was a regular necessity. We had more ice creams more times than showers. Although that didn't take much. Later in the trip we called ourselves stinky hippies.
There had been a storm that knocked out the electricity so no showers. Don't worry the next day we were clean hippies.

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  1. Looks like fun...and such beautiful scenery! Love the moose...we were hoping to see one in CO, but no luck! Way to RELAY on your VACA! Whoop!