Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How did this happen?/Random thoughts.

It seems not long ago I was bragging that I had all my Christmas shopping nearly completed. All of a sudden I realize I've got about 6 presents to find!!! Yikes. We are also nervous that the oldest daughter is not going to be excited by one of the presents as she has recently informed us that it is not her top pick. Her top pick was not on the radar until three weeks ago. At the time we tried to down play her desire but it is now at a fevered pitch. She usually tells me some of it's selling points at breakfast and then reiterates them for Eric at supper. Oh well. After much lamenting by Eric and myself we have decided it's healthy to experience disappointment on Christmas!!! Just kidding. It will be ok though right?? I'm going to keep you in suspense and you'll have to tune back in after Christmas to see how it goes.
We wrapped up quite a few of the presents tonight. I still can't believe I'm in this shopping crunch. I also can't believe we haven't seen Santa and we haven't got pictures taken for a Christmas card, or any baking to speak of done. It looks like this weekend is a bit more hectic than I wanted. Tis the season!!
Anyways, we had an ok weekend last week. We got to spend lots of time with Roger, Mandy and Reese, took in some Christmas lights, attended church, and completed alot of laundry. I'd still rather be on vacation. It seemed weird at the time but I think I could get use to celebrating Christmas at a church in warm weather!! I think this cold weather is pay back. Oh well, I guess we'll have a white Christmas.
This is a picture from 2005. Madeline 3.5 and Lillian 3 months. Just a favorite.

One more thought. Just thought I'd let you know Lillian's favorite carol is "Rum pum pum" other wise known as "Little Drummer Boy". And Madeline has a whole host of favoriteS too numerous to list. Imagine that!

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