Sunday, December 21, 2008

Favorite Quoates of the weekend!

This was in the context that we had told her we were going to Grandma's house yesterday to drop off some packages. She was having a hard time realizing that G & G weren't home and that we wouldn't actually see them. After we said this we changed our minds and decided that the girls and I would shop while Eric went to their house. When we got back in the car and we headed home we called Grandma. She told us that they were having Christmas in California that day. When I got off the phone I told the girls G&G were having Christmas. Lilly gets a frown on her face and says, "Awww, we were almost there! I want Christmas.". She continued to frown while I tried to explain that they were going to come home to have Christmas with her in a couple of days. She was not so sure.

Madeline has gotten to know a family down the street whose daughter is in college. Sarah was home this weekend and Madeline saw her scooping snow and decided to go help. She told Sarah, "You go first and I'll follow....I'll get what you missed.". Then she wanted to know when Sarah would be going back to school. Sara told her that she was going to be here for 3 weeks. Madeline said "Do you wanna hang out?" Sarah said they could have a girls lunch and movie. Madeline said "and make a snow man". We are in so much trouble!!

Last night when we got home from shopping Gaylene was going to stop by just to visit and see the girls. Lillian was waiting for and her and asked "Where is Gaylene? She has to help me pick up my mess!". Yikes. Can we just say wrapped around her finger? Trouble x2.

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