Friday, December 5, 2008

Living in Paradice

What can I say..... This is the coolest experience besides having kids in my life!!!! Ihave become an impassioned snorkler and have decided that any vacation from here on out must include the ocean. Loving every minute. Madeline, we found you some rocks, volcanic, coral, and some shells. We saw all kinds of cool creatures today. My favorite include the "Christmas fish" which is neon in color and a black with white spots all over. I am salivating at getting to go shopping but we have a lot of beach to cover yet!! These are all pictures from Thursday when we ate at a famous doughnut maker and hiked Diamond Head. I'm going to make some more entries so I can send more pics. Love you all!! ALOHA!!

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  1. Wow ~ it is beautiful there Delanie! Great pictures! I'm so glad you and your hubby are having a good time! I am jealous of the warm weather ~ although I believe it might be in the thirties here in good old Nebraska today! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy!