Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mele Kalilimaka!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Well.... I gave up trying to get a Christmas Card sent out. I was going to try but the girls weren't cooperating for pictures so I scrapped that idea. I was going to try to make a slideshow but I worked on it for 2 hours with no results and alot of frustration so that was no good either. Soo here it is....just plain pictures.

This year has been busy. The girls are growing and the blog is a great way to try to keep up with them. We love them and cherish them will all our hearts. Madeline is enjoying 1st grade and Lillian is enjoying her play group.

Eric and I were lucky enough to be invited to go to Hawaii with some friends earlier this year. That was the best highlight from this year.

Take care. We love all of you.
Delanie, Eric, Madeline and Lillian.

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  1. The girls look so pretty and you have a gorgeous tree. At least they had fun posing ~ you captured some great shots! Happy Holidays!