Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quiet weekend?

Have a great week!!

Okay so what I'm about to list may not exactly be someone's definition of a quiet weekend but for us it sure seemed like it since we seem to not really be able to stay at home very much on the weekends!! We actually stayed in Columbus the whole weekend. Slept in our own beds all weekend!! We had a great time with friends, Roger, Mandy, and Reece Friday night. We let the kids tear the house apart while we contemplated parents, family, and being parents. We also watched the season premiere of "Grey's Anatomy". We realized that maybe we were not paying much attention to how much the kids were into when Reece came out all jammied up in matching pajamas with Madeline and Lillian, brushing her teeth with one of Lillian's tooth brushes. Hmmmm. Oops. They had a great time.
Saturday, Grandpa Mark and Grandma Pat joined us to watch Madeline's soccer game and help construct the climbing wall to add to the swing set. The girls are very excited about the wall. They are both very good at mastering the wall. Lilly surprised us with her determination to get to the top! She did it with just a little instruction from Dad.
We decorated for fall, started laundry, found bedding that had been lost for a few years (this was exciting since the guest bedroom downstairs was desperately needing new sheets). We watched the Husker game that night and called it a day.
Sunday we went to church, hung a bigger bulletin board to display preschool and school work, finished the climbing wall, mowed, finished laundry, fertilized, made pesto for the freezer and made cake and cookies in the "Easy Bake Oven". It was great!!! I know I have a warped sense of what a weekend at home looks like. TTFN


  1. cute pictures!! sounds like you had a great weekend :-)

  2. Did someone say pesto for the freezer?