Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lillian's Birthday Fun

"I can do it!" She's finally big enough!!

Birthday Girl

Yummy! Is he making eyes at her?
Best Buds. She's laying claim.

All tuckered out from fishing.

We need a bigger garage!! Is this wrong that our cars aren't in here?

SHE'S THREE!!! Lillian had her day (or should I say second day if you count the zoo) in the sun. She had a great day and she loved to see her friends and family (especially Eli). It seems that Eli might be her favorite friend of all!! I can tell we are going to have to keep a close eye on this one. They were glued to each other. They had not seen each other for a while so the squeels of delight were deafening. Eli couldn't seem to eat his cake without touching Lilly and Lilly couldn't seem to open her presents without placing her hand on Eli's leg whenever possible!! This was before they took off in the car.

Her fishing pole was probably one of the gifts that she was most excited about. This choice was slightly surprising since we all anticipated that her pink Mustang would be the top pick. Not to say that the princess fishing pole doesn't look nice in the pink Mustang. Saturday evening she was driving across the yard with her fishing pole so it's a close tie.

She got to test the fishing pole out when we went to the lake on Sunday. She constantly reminds us that she caught three fish and "Reese too!". I'm not sure who was actually doing most the fishing the girls or the dads. Enjoy the pics! TTFN



  1. Happy Birthday to Lilly! Looks like she will have lots of fun being 3!

  2. super fun!!!! I love the pink car! Maybe Charli could race her pink car with her orange 4wheeler!!