Friday, September 5, 2008

Who we are in "short".

The "dad". Eric works at ADM corn processors as a QA Chemist. He is looking forward to a busy year as he prepares for moving the labs into new facilities. On the home front he is a busy guy. Yes, he does 95% of the cooking. This is awesome and greatly appreciated. He keeps his little girs happy and loves spending time with us, friends, and family. He is also a huge Huskers fan and becoming a cheering soccer dad.
The "mom". I am a speech/language pathologist at Wiggles & Giggles Therapy for Kids. I also do some contract work with one of the nursing homes in town. I desperately want to be extremely organized and efficient but this often eludes me!! Being called "mom" by Madeline and Lillian is the greatest honor I have ever had. We enjoy being together and making each other laugh.
Madeline, our oldest daughter is six years old, a first grader, a dancer, a soccer player, a gymnast, and a giggle box until she's tired. When she's tired watch out!! Then it quickly becomes all about the DRAMA!! She looks like her father and has her mother's attitude.
Lillian, our youngest daughter is three years old and looks like she's 18 months old. We have recently been referring to her as our Chineese gymnast as we watch people at play group try to figure out how old she is. She is sweet, lovable, and silly, until she draws the line in the sand and decides to stand her ground. Yes, she gets that from....her mother!

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