Sunday, April 5, 2009


I know it has been awhile so i am going to try to catch you up. Two weeks ago the farm girl came out in my and we came home with three Chicks. Meet, Helen, Chickypoo, and Helen. The girls have enjoyed them a great deal. They help feed, water, and take care of them. Chickypoo got sick and is no longer with us. They are starting to look more like chickens now. Helen flew out of their "box" today so now we have to make sure that can't happen so that Biscuit doesn't take a bite!! UHG, that would not be good. We have them for one more week then our friend Duane is going to collect them:)


  1. That is really TOO cute!! Way to be adventurous and bring chickens home!! I'm glad they are having a good time raising them :)

  2. Sorry to hear about Chickypoo. Looks like the girls are having fun with the 2 Helens. That is a great experience for them to have to help take care of them. Great pictures!

  3. The farm girl did come out in you huh? did ya have chickens i don't remember them if you did. glad the girls are having fun raising them. hope Biscuit doesn't get them. The pictures of the girls with the chicks are to cute.