Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope you all had a Very Happy Easter. We were very quiet around here. We enjoyed the Easter services and had fun hunting eggs the Easter Bunny hid while we were at church. This was the latest the Bunny had ever been coming to our house so he must have been a very busy bunny at all of your houses. The girls were dressed in their Easter dresses my Grandma Pat. They are beautiful dresses. Thanks Grandma!!
You might be able to see Madeline's fat lip. Actually by this time it wasn't as fat as it had been. She took a nasty spill on her bike Friday night. Needless to say eating as Lazlos Friday was not fun for her. Or wait maybe it was since supper consisted of lemonade, ice cream, cottage cheese, and marichino (spelling?) cheeries.
Happy Hopping!


  1. beautiful dresses, I didn't notice Lily's hair was so curly...adorable!!

  2. Gorgeous dresses!! Way to go grandma Pat!!

  3. The girls look fantastic! The dresses are beautiful. Glad you had a nice Easter!

  4. What goregous dresses!! My favorites so far, I think!!
    See, I posted a comment!!!