Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Madeline!!

Phew!! It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks!! I've been squeezing in some rehab getting ready for ACL surgery at the end of May. I've also been working quite a few hours for the nursing home I contract with. This makes for some busy days. In the mean time we've had soccer games, birthday parties, birthday dinners, packed for a trip to the lake, unpacked the next morning when we decided the weather was to icky to go to the lake, scrapbooking, playing Wii Fit, (okay, not me but I've been watching Madeline, Lillian, and Eric play Wii Fit). This weekend we have dance recital, and a wedding in Omaha on Sunday. My Relay For Life team is also hosting a fund raiser this weekend that I need to make cookies for. In the midst of all this Lillian has been struck by a bug that has kept her feverish, tired, and stuffy for over a week. Now she has an ear infection along with the dog Biscuit!! Is anyone tired just reading this!!!

Madeline's Birthday was great. She had an American Girl Party. All 15 girls brought their favorite doll. They played, ate cake and ice cream, intorudced their dolls to one another, opened presents, and watched an American Girl Movie. I couldn't believe how quiet and entertained they all were during the movie. I thought for sure a group would not want to finish wathcing the movie. They were so good. I'll try to include a picture of the invite that I made. This was my first "scrap booking" project. We owe a huge thanks to Mike and Trina for hosting the party at their house. They have a family movie theater that was perfect for the event! Thanks! Her prize possessions are her new clothes for her dolls and the ipod shuffle from Grandpa and Grandma.

Sorry for any typos and I hope to more to all of you before too long. We'll have new bedroom furniture for Lillian to share and pictures/video from dance recital!

Unfortunately since we got new software with the new camera I occasionally run into a snag and can't get pictures to upload to the site. So..... I will try to get his figured out and until then you can just imagine Madeline's smile on her birthday. Sorry.

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  1. okay i am pooped just reading this. sounds like you are staying busy. hope all goes well with your surgery.