Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I found some pictures!!

This is a little peek at some of the action this summer.

Madeline in the crowd at dance camp.

These are a couple of bags Madeline decorated for the Relay in Memory of my best friends mom and Eric's best friends dad

Madeline's new haircut!! She had asked to cut her hair this summer so we thought we would try it. She loves it but I miss the pigtails!!

Lillian at the water park. Last year she couldn't crawl up the "tube" to slide down the ladder but this year it's no problem. She had a blast.

Hmmm.. This is suppose to be Eric, Madeline and Lillian. Didn't realize the color wasn't very good. Sorry.

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  1. Wow - the girls have been busy! Congrats to your relay team for raising so much money! I had never attended before and it was such an awesome event. I will definitely be going back year after year! Love Madeline's haircut! Glad your knee is getting better - slow but sure!