Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some more info from the past couple of Months.

After I posted I realized I had left out some fun details!! One of the best being that Eric decided to host a gathering the day after I got out of the hospital. I'm not sure I had even showered yet....since Wednesday!!.....This was on a Saturday!! It was not my shining moment. I made an appearance and sheepishly slid back to my room where I stayed for the next two weeks:).
We also had a great weekend at the lake with Eric's sister, Melissa, her son, Connor, and husband, Chip. I couldn't believe we got so lucky with the weather. I was very nervous about going with the knee but all was well. Once again I failed miserable with the camera.
This last weekend we took part in the Columbus Relay For Life. What a great event. This was the first time I had taken part on a team to raise money. I had walked with my friend Shelly in one years ago but I don't remember raising money. This time I raised the money and sat on my rear for the event. Madeline did my walking, actually she walked with one of my team mates for almost an hour. She had a blast. She had fun finding the bags that we had decorated in memory or in honor of loved ones. Our team raised over $5,500. I look forward to next year.
The past few weeks have been interesting but if there is a silver lining it has been watching the girls take on more responsibility. Madeline especially has grown up before
my very eyes. She's a good nurse.

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