Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WHoa!! It's been a while!!

I can't believe I have abandoned my blog for this long!! There has been so much going on since I last posted.
I'll give you a quick glance.
After Madeline's dance recital the end of the school year approached as well as Memorial Day. As usual we were at "the lake" for the weekend with friends and family. It was a great weekend.
The girls went home with G & G Hudnall for the week so that I could undergo surgery. I had my ACL replaced and turned life as we know it up side down. OUCH!!! The first few days are simply described as misery and the rest is frustration and tiresome. At this point. I'm just tired of being a poor employee who needs help and can't get the work place mastered and being a sad excuse of a mom asking for everything from her bed in the evenings!! Don't get me wrong it's getting better and there is progress it's just been alot harder than even I imagined.
The fun news is that I get to do it on the other knee!! But first I have to figure out how to save up for a five to six week leave because there is no way I'm walking back into work this soon after the second one!!
Eric's time has been consumed with being both of us over the past month. He's looking forward to backpacking in August and getting away from me:)
The girls have been busy. I just picked Lillian up for the first time in weeks and couldn't believe how heavy she felt! She has enjoyed the summer with attending Bible school, daycare, swimming lessons, trips to the library and playing with Gaylene as much as possible.
Madeline has been even busier. She has attended Bible school, YMCA camp, Dance camp, swimming lessons, and I've lost track!! This next month she is going to attend a 4-H day camp with Grandma Hudnall called Critter Camp. She is thrilled because there will be snakes. She decided to take Grandma because she wanted to see if she could get her to touch one.
Unfortunately, I have been very bad about getting pictures and video lately. If I can I click a shot with my phone and upload it to facebook but I'm short on pics to share on the blog.
I promise I'll get better!
I can't wait to start my summer. What it's almost over!! #^*)

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