Sunday, July 12, 2009

More pics from the 4th....And this weekend.

Sarah with Madeline and Lillian after the water fight and in all their glory.

The girls at the parade on the 4th.

This weekend we were at Mark and Pat's. Madeline was taking Grandma to Critter Camp. Critter camp had mixed reviews. Madeline was ready for a day of searching, cathcing, and most importantly touching/holding snakes. Grandma was not so sure about all of this but was good sport. Unfortunately, it did not live up to Madeline's expectations. She didn't get to search for anything, she didn't get to touch/hold any of the snakes, the fishing was lousy and they came home two hours early!! Madeline said she still enjoyed seeing and learning about the snakes and liked to see the fish at the aquarium but that was it!! Grandma let out a sign of quiet relief:).
When we got home Madeline started a water fight with David. David is our neighbor's guest from Sweden. He was Don and Gaylene's first foreign exchange student and returns for visits. Sarah (a friend of his and neighbor) was all too happy to help Madeline in her quest to start the water fight. In the end all were wet, including me, (I'll get you in two years David!!). After everyone was wet the girls played dress up with Sarah. Thanks Sarah for entertaining!!

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