Friday, November 5, 2010

One more Birthday present

This summer on our way to Yellowstone National Park, Lillian had decided she wanted a pink cowboy hat. I thought "okay, no problem". There were none to be found.
She kept saying she wanted one because her friend Eli was a cowboy for Halloween the year before and this way she could be a cowgirl. I pointed out to her that Eli did not want to be a cowboy again for Halloween. She didn't care. She still wanted a pink cowboy hat. So....she turned to the expert..Grandpa Gary. She called him and made the request for her birthday. Surprisingly, he had a terrible time finding one. It was up to Grandma Trudy to find one on her way through the state the weekend of her birthday party. No luck on the way east, but on her way home she found one in a store between Lincoln and Crawford and had it shipped to Lillian.
She was very excited to find the hat in the box and now is very determined to acquire a pair of pink cowboy boots. I'm sure Grandpa Gary will be happy to oblige. Hint, Hint,.... start looking now!

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