Friday, January 2, 2009

Dolls, Dolls, Dolls!!

Today Madeline had a tea party with a friend, Elizabeth, who has two American Girl Dolls. Madeline also has two. Ironically, they both "Elizabeth". Needless to say they had fun. There were enough clothes to fill a full size suitcase! Ok, maybe not quite. They both have the doll beds to go with their respective dolls and both have horses for their dolls. They started their afternoon off with making mini pizza's for lunch and then dressed the dolls and themselves for a tea party. The last pic is on of Madeline's dolls and Lillian's Bitty Baby dressed in the replica's of the girls Christmas dresses. Pat sewed the green last year to match last years dresses and the red one's match this years dresses.

Tea Party in Progress
Kit and Felicity got elected to sit at the little table.

Making the tiny treats for the tea party.

So much fun! They were quite serious about this creative process.

All in all a good Friday!


  1. I bet those two had so much fun! Great pictures ~ looks like a perfect Friday!

  2. I love the tea party pictures!

    My older daughter is just starting to get into the idea of it, and I can't wait :)